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Weight Control


Wycoff Wellness offers a number of programs to support healthy, medically supervised weight loss.  We will develop, in collaboration with you, a program that will help you to lose weight safely and effectively.


The basis of all of our weight loss programs is discovering the barriers preventing you from controlling your weight.  Often, patients are made to feel like failures and they are just told: "eat less and exercise more and you will lose weight.”  If only it was that easy.

If you have had difficulties losing weight in the past, it's possible that there are barriers that are hindering your success. Conventional physicians often fail to identify the barriers that make it difficult for individuals to lose weight.

At Wycoff Wellness we look for identifiable barriers to your success at weight loss including:

  • Adrenal hormone imbalance
  • Male or female sex hormone imbalance
  • Hypothyroidism (undiagnosed or undertreated)
  • Vitamin/mineral/nutrient deficiencies
  • A fundamentally poor eating program
  • Lack of regular exercise.

The Wycoff Wellness approach is to sort through and identify the specific barriers that may be holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off, and then to design a treatment program to improve, repair and fix those barriers.


Your action plan for success begins with an initial visit where Dr. Wycoff will review your past medical history and perform a physical examination.  Most likely Dr. Wycoff will want to obtain some initial tests (typically blood and/or saliva testing).   Based on this information, Dr. Wycoff will individualize a treatment program for you.

Wycoff Wellness provides you the professional support you need to help you remain on the program and achieve meaningful, long-term, healthy weight loss.  It is critical that you have the help and assistance needed to successfully lose your excess weight and keep it off once and for all. The Wycoff Wellness Center’s programs are medically supervised and are designed to be safe and effective.


The two programs Wycoff Wellness utilizes most for weight loss are:

Healthy Transformation Weight Loss

◦  This 12-week program will help you reach your goals by establishing a healthy eating program for life.

Keto Weight Loss

◦ The Keto Weight Loss Program is specifically designed for patients wanting to lose weight even more rapidly.

                                          START TODAY ON YOUR ROAD TO SUCCESS!

By partnering with the Wycoff Wellness Center you will be able to achieve your weight loss goal and will the look and feel your very best. you want. 

Decide now to begin the process of improving your health and wellness. Start today by calling and scheduling your initial visit at Wycoff Wellness - 517-333-7270 or 800-471-0255!

Controlling your weight is a major issues for many people. Find out about the Wycoff Wellness Center's unique approach for long-term, safe weight control.
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