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High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C Infusions


Intravenous (IV) vitamin C infusion therapy may be used as an adjuvant therapy for many health conditions including cancer treatment.

Intravenous vitamin C is an immune system booster and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-histamine properties.  Very high doses of vitamin C appear to be toxic (lethal) to cancer cells. 

About Intravenous Vitamin C and Oral Vitamin C

The high doses of vitamin C required to be effective for cancer treatments (15 to 100 grams/infusion) may only be given by an intravenous route.  Oral administration of a dose this high would not be tolerated or absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.  Many intolerable side effects would occur with oral doses anywhere near these levels.  IV infusions of high doses of vitamin C along with various other antioxidants and nutrients may be given to assist in treating various cancers.  High doses of vitamin C given intravenously have very few side effects.

Treatment Protocols

Each patient is individually evaluated at the Wycoff Wellness Center and a specific treatment protocol is recommended.  A typical protocol would include vitamin C and various other antioxidants and nutrients administered as follows:

  • Week 1:  15 grams vitamin C + antioxidants/nutrients per day, 2-3 per week
  • Week 2:  30 grams vitamin C + antioxidants/nutrients per day, 2-3 per week
  • Week 3:  60 grams vitamin C + antioxidants/nutrients per day, 2-3 per week
  • Weeks 4-8:  60 to 100 grams vitamin C + antioxidants/nutrients per day, 2 per week
  • Ongoing:  60 to 100 grams vitamin C + antioxidants/nutrients per day, 1 per week

On days when they are not receiving IV infusions patients are encouraged to take oral ascorbic acid (vitamin C) at a dose of 4 to 10 grams (4,000 to 10,000 mg) per day.  We also encourage appropriate antioxidants and nutritional supplements are taken (see recommended Nutritional Supplements under our Cancer Treatment tab).

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation at the Wycoff Wellness Center will include a detailed history and physical regarding your specific health issues.  Certain tests may have to be completed before treatments may be started.  Specific blood tests may be required during the course of your treatment.

Side effects of IV vitamin C treatments are infrequent and usually very minimal.  The most common side effect is irritation at the site of intravenous insertion.  Rare accounts of tumor necrosis (death) with hemorrhage have been reported in the literature.  Because of this rare concern, we begin with lower doses of vitamin C and increase the dose based upon the patient’s tolerance to each previous dose.

Most of the patients we treat are receiving other forms of cancer treatment such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy.  We feel that IV vitamin C treatments have a synergistic (beneficial) effect on chemotherapy although some oncologists do not share these thoughts.

Intravenous vitamin C therapy has been used for years as a treatment option for various types of cancer.  Vitamin C therapy is not a cure for cancer but a viable treatment option when part of a comprehensive treatment protocol for cancer treatment. 

For additional information regarding IV Vitamin C Infusions or other treatment options offered at Wycoff Wellness, please call our office today at 517-333-7270 or 800-471-0255!





Intravenous vitamin C infusions may be used for a variety of conditions from the common cold to cancer.
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