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Intravenous Vitamin & Nutrient Infusion Therapy


IV (intravenous) Vitamin and Nutrient infusions may offer you the best alternative to improving your health and wellness naturally!

IV Vitamin and Nutrients Infusions can provide needed vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids far more effectively than pills alone can. Vitamin-mineral nutrients infusions allow higher dosages of targeted supplements, with better absorption, and faster delivery to the cells throughout your body. Often a few weeks of therapy will:

  1. Markedly improve symptoms related to chronic disease.
  2. Allows quick and easy transition to the appropriate oral supplements.

IV Vitamin and Nutrient Therapy can:

            • Help with a variety of health concerns

            • Help you feel better

            • Give you more energy!

            Call today to try a Wycoff Wellness Energy Optimized Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral Energy Boost!

About IV Vitamin and Nutrient Therapy

The key questions most people ask are:

  1. What vitamins and minerals should I take?
  2. What quantities of various vitamins and minerals should I take?

Since each individual is different, it's important that you know the correct answer as it relates to you and your specific health needs.

The Wycoff Wellness Center provides a unique and thorough process
to evaluate any nutritional deficiencies that you may have
and determine how intravenous supplements can help you

To learn more about specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, please see Dr. Wycoff's 8 Key Supplements for Optimal Health and Wellness and be sure to visit the Wycoff Wellness Center's Store.

A Valuable Treatment for a Variety of Medical Conditions:

IV Vitamin & Nutrient Infusions have been found to help with a variety of medical conditions such as those listed below:

People typically ask will vitamins and minerals help with -

* Alzheimer's dementia                  * Eczema

* Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis       *Headaches                                               

* Anxiety                                         * Hypertension

* Asthma (acute & chronic)            * Immune disorders

* Arthritis                                        * Macular degeneration

* Autoimmune illness                     * Multiple sclerosis                        

* Cancer                                        * Neuropathy           

* Celiac disease                            * Parkinson's disease

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome         * Scleroderma

* Constipation                                * Shingles

* Depression                                  * Toxicity syndrome

* Diabetes mellitus                         * Vitiligo

The answer is a resounding "yes" - IV Vitamin and Nutrient Therapy can be a valuable treatment for all of these health concerns,

The IV route allows for a much higher concentration of nutrients to be delivered than the oral route of administration (tablets, capsules or liquids)

Many vitamin and mineral supplements are not well absorbed by the body. Because we can deliver large doses of nutrients safely into a vein, intravenous (IV) therapy with vitamins & nutrients is an extremely valuable medical tool.

The Power of Vital Nutrients

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants can have an incredibly potent effect when administered directly into a vein. All of the nutrients used at the Wycoff Wellness Center are natural and have been proven to be effective in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

IV Vitamin and Nutrient Therapy may also be used for a variety of other reasons such as just feeling "unwell."  We often employ a trial infusion with a "Myers' Cocktail" or what we refer to as an "IV Energy Boost", a general vitamin infusion, to see if you see some improvements.

We live in a time when obtaining the needed amounts of
vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants are difficult with diet alone!

The amount of critical nutrients in our food supply has been depleted by poor farming practices. Much of the food we eat is grown in foreign countries. We cannot control the way foods are grown or the chemicals that may be part of the food supply.

In addition, some individuals do not adequately absorb nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract. Patients who have chronic constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain or bloating most likely are not absorbing nutrients adequately. This sets the stage for an ongoing cycle of malabsorption resulting in chronic illness due to these deficiencies.

Chemical toxicity secondary to acute or chronic exposure to chemicals -  including patients with severe environmental illness, chemical sensitivity or past exposure to chemicals - may also benefit. We use various types of detoxification protocols to help these patients. 

Wycoff Wellness provides a unique and thorough process to evaluate nutritional deficiencies and the need for intravenous therapy.  Call for your appointment today- 517-333-7270 or 800-471-0255.


Our Process:

           An initial visit

Provide a complete review of symptoms
Perform a head-to-toe physical
Coordinate recommended testing (see below)
Initiate oral and intravenous replacement therapy

            First follow up visit

To discuss results of all nutritional evaluation testing
Develop a customized treatment plan
Determine need for further testing

            Further follow up visits

Follow up depends on individual treatment needs and will be coordinated by Dr. Wycoff.

Suggested Testing to Consider

The Wycoff Wellness Center typically would recommend some or all of the following tests. The specific recommended diagnostic testing is an individual decision between a Wycoff Wellness Center healthcare provider and the patient. Typical testing to be considered includes:

  • Complete blood count- to assess for anemia and blood cell problems
  • Chemistry panel - to assess glucose, electrolytes and liver/kidney function
  • Thyroid panel - to assess thyroid metabolism

Great Plains Laboratory testing:

  • Comprehensive digestive stool analysis (CDSA)
  • Plasma zinc and essential fatty acids
  • Hair metal mineral analysis
  • IgG Food Antibody Assessment Test (tests for 88 common food reactions)

Nutritional Testing Options

SpectraCell Laboratories Micronutrient Test (MNT)
Genova Diagnostics NutrEval Testing

Treatment Plans

Wycoff Wellness providers will customize an individual treatment plan for each patient. Our treatments emphasize natural solutions. Typical treatment for vitamin and nutrient deficiency include:

                        An appropriate Eating for Life nutritional program

                        An appropriate vitamin/mineral/nutrient replacement program (including oral and/or IV replacement)

Intravenous vitamin and nutrient infusions may be administered once or twice a week. Often a few weeks of therapy will markedly improve symptoms related to chronic disease and allow the transition to the appropriate oral supplements. IV vitamin and nutrient infusions may offer the best alternative to improve your health and wellness naturally.

IV therapy with nutrients may be needed only a few times or needed weekly for an extended period of time.  The benefits and specific regimen are dependent on the individual patient and the problem(s) being treated.

The first step in considering IV therapy with nutrients is to schedule an initial evaluation with Dr. Wycoff at the Wycoff Wellness Center. Dr. Wycoff will outline the specific treatment plan that is most likely to help you improve your health.

Find out if intravenous vitamin, mineral and nutrient infusions
could be of help to you. Call today for your initial appointment
and learn more about this exciting therapy!


Many chronic health issues will not improve with high doses of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Intravenous infusions of key nutrients provides a way to dramatically improve your health.
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