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Alternative Cancer Services


Wycoff Wellness offers several alternative treatments for cancer patients:

We insist all cancer patients receive a traditional cancer evaluation by the oncologist of their choice, prior to our evaluation.  There will be times when the patient will be best served receiving chemotherapy, radiation therapy and antioxidant therapy.  It is not our intent to imply that our cancer therapies should function as a replacement for traditional cancer treatment.  Rather, our therapies should serve as a complement to conventional cancer therapy.

Wycoff Wellness alternative cancer treatments provide you distinctly different options for the treatment of cancer.  All treatments are supervised by Dr. Wycoff.  All of our cancer pateints require a initial visit.  During this typical one plus hour visit, Dr. Wycoff will review your medical history and perform a physical examination.  You and Dr. Wycoff will determine the need for additional testing and Dr. Wycoff will recommend an initial course of therapy.  Dr. Wycoff will discuss the pros, cons, risks, benefits and alternatives to all of the Wycoff Wellness treatments and develop a personal plan for your care.

Learn about the alternative cancer services available at the Wycoff Wellness Center.
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