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We live in a toxic environment!

Toxins are everywhere. In the air we breathe. In the food we eat and in the water we drink. By the time you finish reading this, you will have produced enough toxins to poison a small animal!

It’s no wonder that toxins affect our health so profoundly! It’s impossible to imagine that they would not be affecting you and I every day of our lives.

Toxins play a part in a myriad of health problems. These problems affect our minds and our bodies every minute of our lives. How are you feeling right now? Tired, out of sync? Chances are toxins are playing a part in your health.

Toxins have been linked to:

• Fatigue                       • Brain Fog             • Headaches

• Difficulty Sleeping        • Depression           • Anxiety

• Psoriasis                    • Eczema               • Acne

and to joint and muscle pain... plus stomach issues such as:

            • Gastric reflux               • Bloating               • Constipation

            • Diarrhea                      • Nausea                • Irritable bowel syndrome                           

Have you been diagnosed with medical conditions such as:

      • Migraine Headaches                  • Lupus                       • Rheumatoid Arthritis

      • Fibromyalgia                              • Multiple Sclerosis

      • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome        • Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider detoxification as the key to unlocking the door to health and wellness!


As our external environment has radically changed so has the internal environment of our body. Exposure to toxins such as chemicals, heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury) and pathogens such as parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungus have become impossible to avoid and even more difficult to remove once they have embedded themselves into our tissues.

Last year alone, more than 7 billion pounds of chemical pollutants were released into the environment. Over the course of a lifetime, we will be exposed to thousands of foreign compounds that can enter our bodies through the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and directly through our skin or eyes. To make matters worse, many of us have substituted healthy meals with a poor diet that significantly lacks nutritional value to fuel the body’s detoxifying capacity. All of these factors can contribute to an accumulation of toxins or what is simply called toxicity

 And yet...
You will rarely hear detoxification discussed in the the offices of most conventional physicians.

And even more rarely, do they have any treaments to help you with the detoxification process.

 The Wycoff Wellness Center provides a comprehensive detoxification program that is individualized to your personal needs.


The term detoxification refers to the body’s natural ability to transfer and eliminate toxins. Only substances that are easily dissolved in water can effectively be excreted from the body. Toxic compounds, however, are typically stored as fatty molecules and, therefore, do not mix well in water.  The process of detoxification transforms toxic, fat-soluble substances into harmless, water-soluble molecules which can be removed from the body.

To minimize toxins in your diet and environment try to:

                     Avoid foods high in fat, additives and preservatives

         Eat organically grown vegetables, fruits, grains and meats

         Drink plenty of purified water daily

         Use an effective air purification system in your home

         Wear protective clothing and/or apparatus when working with toxic materials

          Replace furnace and air conditioning filters regularly

Studies have shown that most of our body’s detoxification is done in the gut (intestines), kidney and liver. Overall detoxification is heavily nutrient dependent whereby key steps are fueled by vitamins, minerals and other major food components. Some of the key nutrients involved with detoxification include: zinc, pantothenic acid, probiotics, vitamins, amino acids, L-glutamine, taurine, N-acetylcysteine and many others.

The Wycoff Wellness Center Process

The Wycoff Wellness Center believes that detoxification is an important part of obtaining and maintaining health and wellness naturally. Our detoxification evaluation includes:

         An initial visit to perform a thorough history and physical

         Obtain the appropriate testing (typically blood, urine or saliva testing)

         Follow up visit(s) to establish a definite treatment program & monitor results

The Wycoff Wellness Center has several methods to assist your body and improve your body’s  ability to detoxify. These methods include:

         The UltraClear Eating for Life and supplement program

         Appropriate vitamin, mineral & nutrient supplementation

         Intravenous (IV) nutrient infusion

         Ultraviolet blood irradiation

         IonCleanse ionic foot bath treatments

         Low dose allergen (LDA) immunotherapy

Without optimal detoxification, your body will not effectively remove harmful toxins. Your kidneys play a major role during the final step of detoxification by excreting transformed toxic compounds in the urine. An alkaline pH level may be an important consideration for proper kidney function.

Many people living today have never known what good health ‘feels’ like.  They survive with an abundance of toxins and live an existence much less than healthy. Understanding detoxification is the key to unlocking the door to great health and natural wellness!

Call today and schedule your initial evaluation.  Begin the process of detoxification and improve your health and wellness naturally!


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Detoxification is a process we must all do to be healthy. Our environment is becoming increasingly toxic. Detoxification is key to wellness!
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